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About Us

Clear Water Pool Care

Because pool maintenance can be a great deal of work, many homeowners choose to outsource the job to pool cleaning professionals. We understand how quickly a pool can transform from a fun way to unwind to a chore or even an eyesore. We offer dedicated pool services to maintain the safety, beauty, and integrity of your pool so it’s ready whenever you are.


We don’t just check everything and add a few chemicals and leave. We bring out the hoses and the wands and perform a full pool cleaning which includes using a brush and vacuum to clean the pool floors, walls steps and crevices. In addition we will make sure your pool pump is running efficiently and that your filters are cleaned and changed at the right times. We will also make sure your skimmer is cleaned and functioning properly after skimming the pool ourselves. Your pool will look brand new after each weekly pool service.

When you need a professional pool cleaning and maintenance company in the West Valley who will not cut corners then don’t hesitate to call us or fill out the form on your right. We are the best company in town for you to get full access to top pool cleaning expertise and service.


Pool Experts

The Clear Mission

There are many pool companies, but they are not all equal. At Clear Water Pool Care, our mission and what we strive for, is to offer the best combination of value and customer service always.


We proudly serve the the West Valley area as a full-service pool cleaning company. We clean, maintain, and repair all types of residential and commercial pools and spas with a staff of fully trained technicians.

The Pool Experts

Experience is important in any industry, including pool cleaning and maintenance. Some pool service companies hire inexperienced technicians and provide them with only the most basic training before sending them out in the field. Make sure you are choosing a company that employs well-trained and experienced technicians who can spot and diagnose problems with your pool, ensure a safe balance of chemicals, and avoid damage to your pool’s equipment or lining.


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